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Virtualization is the process of modernizing your legacy systems through a virtual machine. Outdated applications are re-written, updated, modernized and made hardware-independent, resulting in more flexible systems that are immune to hardware disasters.

Technology is ever changing. With new innovations in software and hardware come challenges—and opportunities—for business. One consequence of tech evolution is that systems eventually become outdated or obsolete. In working with thousands of clients over the years, we have found that outdated systems pose a significant drain on resources, impeding productivity and imposing unnecessary costs.

SACA virtualization services are designed to thoroughly virtualize and modernize legacy systems for superior performance, reliability and disaster recovery. Our virtualized systems are built on industry-leading technologies, including Citrix and VMWare. Virtualization comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Decentralization. Virtual systems can be accessed from more devices, resulting in a more quick and agile workflow—especially in collaborative settings.
  • Increased uptime. Being less dependent on one particular piece of hardware, virtualized systems enjoy superior uptime and all-around performance.
  • Disaster recovery. Virtual systems “get up and running” faster than older, outdated system, thanks to their being less “tied down” to physical hardware.

At SACA, we offer a full range of virtualization services, for applications as well as desktops. The end goal of virtualization is to improve and upgrade your systems for better efficiency, uptime and disaster recovery capacity.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is the process of encapsulating applications so they become hardware-independent. Virtualized applications are not installed in the traditional sense, but run on a “virtual machine,” allowing greater flexibility in hardware choices.

Desktop Virtualization

SACA has built custom virtual desktop platforms for the US federal government, prestigious international academic institutions and major financial organizations. We specialize in VDI, DaaS and RDS and love nothing more than building non-persistent VDI platforms.

If you are planning on virtualizing your systems, or just want to learn more about the virtualization process, feel free to get in touch. We are standing by to answer any questions you may have.



    We offer exceptional support 24/7 in English and Spanish and we tailor our services to meet your needs. Without going into too much detail, we have experience dealing with everything from:

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    Our technical team is qualified to work with Citrix and VMware VDI technologies.

    Client Side Hypervisors icon

    Client Side Hypervisors

    We have built high-security environments using client side hypervisors (CSHV).

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    We can virtualize almost any application and we love a challenge.

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    Our two decades of virtualizing servers speaks for itself.

    Download our Managed Services Factsheet in PDF format

    Download our Virtualization Factsheet in PDF format.

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