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When working with sensitive IT assets, a thorough process is key. Every business is different, and so is every IT network. Accordingly, we start on every project by evaluating and auditing your existing infrastructure.

Only once we have attained an absolutely rock-solid assessment of your needs will we proceed to make any necessary repairs and upgrades. The SACA Approach concludes with managing and maintaining the systems we have put in place, making any necessary tweaks and upgrades along the way.

It is a proven approach that has consistently yielded measurable, ROI-positive results for our clients over the years.

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Measure & Document

We start by deploying agents to gain an in-depth understanding of your hardware, software, networks and desktops. This intelligence gathering process is the first step toward diagnosing your IT needs.

  • Automated Toolsets
  • Technical Roadmap
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Analyze & Assess

In the assessment phase we analyze all of our collected IT infrastructure intelligence and formulate a plan of action, based on a prioritized list of your most pressing IT concerns.

  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Priorities Assessment
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Upgrade & Repair

Based on our plan of action, we proceed to upgrade your IT infrastructure and make any necessary repairs. We consult with you extensively throughout this process, only completing a recommended upgrade or repair after you have been thoroughly informed and consented to the changes.

  • If It’s Broken, We Fix It
  • If Not Broken, We Upgrade It
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Manage & Maintain

We will make sure that the gears of your IT “machine” are well oiled, managing every little part of it for as long as you need us to, providing a managed IT service and progress reports at the end of every month.

  • Updates, Patches & Installs
  • Upkeep, Security & DR

You may have heard it said that “it´s a jungle out there” and the same can be said of your IT infrastructure. Because we’ve never stepped foot in your specific jungle before, when we venture into it we like to measure and document everything as we go. Only by proceeding in this deliberate way can we hope to tame the more wilder and unexplored parts of your organization´s IT jungle.

We use the latest technology and best-of-breed toolsets to deploy automated agents to each of your user´s personal machines. These agents monitor and measure everything from your applications and hardware to your networks and security. Only once we have an in-depth understanding of the way your IT infrastructure works, together with a proper understanding of your current priorities and concerns, do we begin to plan for action. We feel this is always the smartest first step when first approaching new IT infrastructures. This process is all about us learning all about you and your IT. We like to think of it as looking before we leap.

Thinking Before We Act

The enormous amount of data on your IT infrastructure that we gathered in the first step in our process must first be properly sorted and analyzed for it to be of any use. Accordingly, the second step in our process is all about taking a long hard look at all the data and thinking about how we can improve upon what we see, before weighing that up against your most pressing concerns and priorities.

We take a detailed look at your networks, hardware and software and look for anything that can be improved or upgraded. We also look for ways to save you money by fixing anything that’s broken, upgrading or repurposing older technology and introducing more efficient technologies into your IT infrastructure. We take a look at your current IT security, data backups, and disaster recovery and factor that into our analysis, before drawing all of our findings into a plan of action for you to approve. Only after we’ve gotten your approval do we begin our real work.

if it ain’t broke…

This third step of the process is all about improving efficiencies and looking for opportunities to better leverage the technology you have without spending a fortune. We’re aware of the fact that you don’t have an unlimited IT budget; that’s why we prefer to upgrade elements of your IT infrastructure to improve their performance and longevity and repurpose old technology to where it can still add value, instead of responding to every problem or deficiency by purchasing new IT assets to replace the problematic assets with.

Sometimes it is just not possible to repurpose or repair your old technology; other times the technology that you are currently using can be unfit for your purpose or present a risk to your business. In either case we will develop a remedy and resolve the issue in the most cost effective and sensible way.

Legacy Technology Sometimes Never Dies

The world is full of very large financial institutions, airlines, governments and other organizations that still run their IT infrastructure on a backbone of decades-old mainframe computers and applications written in antiquated programming languages, which are lovingly maintained and managed to extend their lifecycles far beyond what was originally anticipated.

When an IT infrastructure is well-managed and well-maintained by a team of diligent and proactive support technicians, it can run for almost forever. At SACA, we are experts at getting old technology working again and keeping it running as it should, even when it is long past its sell by date.

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