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Meet all of your tech needs for a fixed monthly fee.
No matter what your core business is we have the right IT solutions to keep your business running.
The Murrieta Managed IT Services at SACA Technologies is the key to a productive business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Preventive IT Managed Services

IT failures can directly impact your ability to do business. In some cases, with catastrophic consequences. Think about it, what happens when a server crashes at your office? Your business suffers. You’ll be at a complete standstill! That’s where SACA Technologies’ fully managed approach to IT can help. With proactive remote monitoring and management, we’re able to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure 24/7/365. Our goal is to prevent IT interruptions so you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

Managed Services You Can Count On

With a fixed monthly fee:
  • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
  • 24x7x365 IT Maintenance
  • 24x7365 Technical Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-level Security
  • Patch Management

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Experience around the clock monitoring, support, and updates with SACA Technologies. Our proactive approach allows you to catch possible IT issues that may cause interruptions in your business. And when a problem does arise, our technical experts can quickly resolve it without ever setting a foot inside your office, in many cases before you’re even aware there was a problem.

Proactive IT Maintenance and Support

We constantly monitor your tech to prevent system faults, manage inconsistencies, and resolve weak points in your IT operations.

Available 24/7/365

We’re like your extended IT department, always working to keep your systems in excellent condition.

Top-notch Technicians and Engineers

Get access to 500 years of collective experience, and over 100 advanced certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and more.

Remote Monitoring

Experience unmatched 24/7 customer support for when problems arise.

Reliable and Trusted IT Outsourcing

We can manage one or two parts or completely manage your entire IT operations.

Low Cost and Effective

Reduce your IT expenses with a flat monthly fee.


What our clients have to say about us

"They do a fantastic job of managing and supporting our IT, helping us remain compliant with federal regulations."

-Andrew Kwon, VP Compliance & BSA, Ohana Pacific Bank
Ohana Pacific

“Our success in the travel industry comes down to our ability to leverage technology and put it to work for our customers. SACA helps us keep that competitive edge."

-Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer, Direct Travel
Direct Travel

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    Why Murrieta Managed Services?

    If you’re still thinking if IT outsourcing is for you, think of it like the electricity in your home. When the lights go out, do you want to be stuck on hold with the power company waiting to find out when the next electrician is available? Wouldn’t it be better if the power company could take action and restore your electricity without ever setting foot in your house and before you even called them?

    That’s exactly how our fully managed services work. With SACA Technologies, you pay a low, fixed monthly fee and get to say goodbye to expensive, unpredictable tech problems.

    We provide world-class remote monitoring IT support around-the-clock to ensure consistent uptime. SACA will anticipate failures before they happen, and resolve them so they don’t interrupt your operations. Achieve fewer disruptions by using our maintenance services, which can be performed remotely, and overnight, so you can focus on more important business matters.

    One of our goals is also to help you maximize your tech investment by assessing and providing insights as to how to improve your systems for long-term growth.

    Take advantage of our comprehensive IT managed services for the price of one. Call SACA Technologies today for your free consultation.