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Choose the most trusted IT managed services available today.

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Choose the most trusted IT managed services available today.

Top Cerritos Managed Services for Your IT

IT Management of a business takes a whole lot of time, human resource, and money. Putting so much resources in this part of the business will mean taking resources off your other business priorities. The Cerritos Managed Services takes care of your IT without costing you your own human resource, time and with minimal rate charges. The Cerritos Managed Services is your business’s best chance in getting off from all the IT management stress.

What's Included

For a low, flat monthly fee, you'll receive:
  • • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
  • • Multi-level Security
  • • 24x7x365 Tech Support
  • • 24x7x365 Proactive Maintenance
  • • Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • • Patch Management
  • • Reporting

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We have been the trusted managed services company for businesses in the Cerritos and all other cities in the Southern California area for more than 20 years.

Turn Your Business IT into an Efficient-Working Asset

Your IT is a true asset when managed right, it should not be a source of stress.

Only our proactive 24x7x365 managed services give you the IT your business needs - ensuring your desktops, servers, and applications are always working at their best, and empowering you to take your business to a whole new level.

  • Proactive Approach
    SACA discovers and repairs issues before they can impact your business
  • Devoted Support Teams
    It's like having your personal on-call IT department!
  • The Best Techs
    Our techs collectively have 500+ years' experience and 100+ advanced
    certs from Microsoft, Cisco, and others
  • Complete IT Outsourcing
    We can handle your whole IT for you, not just 1 or 2 parts of it
  • Fixed Rate Per Month
    Lower the majority of your IT costs to a single, foreseeable cost
  • Full Time Availability
    We're open 24x7x365 and have 50+ techs always ready to support you
  • Aya Health Care
  • Special Olympics
  • Morgan Samuels
  • LAC Group
  • Avery Dennison

What our clients have to say about us

  • "They do a fantastic job of managing and supporting our IT, helping us remain compliant
    with federal regulations."
    -Andrew Kwon, VP Compliance & BSA, Ohana Pacific Bank
    Ohana Pacific
  • “Our success in the travel industry comes down to our ability to leverage technology and
    put it to work for our customers. SACA helps us keep that competitive edge."
    -Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer, Direct Travel
    Direct Travel

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Cerritos Managed Services Defined

The Cerritos Managed Services approach to managing your business’s IT initiates in a detailed assessment of your business’s current IT department’s standing. We will look at your hardware and software components, its current status and conditions, your network infrastructure, your data and information protection and backup protocols and all other components of your business’s IT. We then carry on to summing up all issues and concerns that ultimately appeared upon the assessment. We then put out our evaluation reports and a comprehensive IT management plan. These findings will be the basis for all the services Cerritos Managed Services supplies-- with every module based upon your business's exact needs. These services will normally include general IT management and tracking, IT upgrades, tech help, information backup and security, software application and hardware upkeep and more-- all for a flat recurring rate.

Cerritos Managed Services Benefits

  • Support expenses are far less when compared to using internal facilities. Basically, no extra tech support staff are required as this is all offered as part of the service.
  • You will have the ability to gain access to and use programs you do not have with excellent ease
  • IT expenses are foreseeable and steady, there should not be any unintended additional cost so it permits a company to plan their IT budget plan in detail.
  • It is possible to scale the services you use in accordance with your business needs. By spending for different levels of service you can quickly change the modules used when your business needs either higher or lower it facilities.
  • Getting rid of the headache of IT within a business allows a company to concentrate on their core goals, basically leaving IT services to the experts so that they can focus on their business’s growth
  • IT management options give order, effectiveness and cost efficiency in line with advances in technology.