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Don’t make the wrong decision of choosing the wrong IT help. SACA Technologies is the fastest growing IT managed services provider in San Jacinto.

Trusted San Jacinto Managed IT Services

Looking for a more reliable provider of sophisticated IT solutions? With SACA Technologies, you can reduce IT costs, improve your uptime, and minimize losses due to IT outages. We are your trusted off-site IT partner with a full roster of tech support experts 24/7 at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose SACA Technologies?

Our fixed monthly rate covers the following services:
  • 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring and Assistance
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • 24x7x365 IT Maintenance
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Layered Cybersecurity
  • Patch Management
  • Backup Management and Disaster Recovery

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SACA Technologies offers a wide array of IT services for businesses in San Jacinto and the rest of the cities in Southern California. We want every business owner to achieve a greater peace of mind with an expertly managed IT operations.

We Want Your To Focus on Your Business

Running and growing a business can be overwhelming. With the myriad of tasks involved, it’s easy to forget that you need to update and optimize your tech on a regular basis so it can serve your business the way it should.

Certified Technicians and Expert Consultants

Our technicians are certified and they are most competent IT guys you’ll come across in Southern California.

Proactive Approach

Our people assess and analyze the root cause of your problem before it snowballs into a disaster.

Highly Reliable Team

Our team can be dispatched any time of the year, including holidays.

Proficient IT Professionals

Think of us as an extension of your IT department, available 24/7/365

Flat Monthly Fee

We provide you with your monthly fee upfront.

24/7/365 IT Support and Maintenance

Call our hotline anytime and our technicians will happily serve you.


What our clients have to say about us

"They do a fantastic job of managing and supporting our IT, helping us remain compliant with federal regulations."

-Andrew Kwon, VP Compliance & BSA, Ohana Pacific Bank
Ohana Pacific

“Our success in the travel industry comes down to our ability to leverage technology and put it to work for our customers. SACA helps us keep that competitive edge."

-Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer, Direct Travel
Direct Travel

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    San Jacinto Managed IT Services Available 24/7/365

    When your IT is performing at optimum levels, your staff’s productivity improves and your customer experience reaches higher levels of satisfaction. It’s our duty to create an environment that optimizes efficiency and productivity.

    Having the best available IT is an important factor to drive new business. Information needs to be just a scroll away. Communication and collaboration tools are essential for your growth. A secure cloud access is also necessary to store your company data with zero worries. We use leading edge technologies to keep your IT operations efficient and 100% secure.

    We believe that managed services can help your business in a way that you’ll never have to worry about IT anymore. You just need to make the right decision to switch to a reliable provider that has the capacity to streamline your operations and fix your IT issues in a timely manner.

    SACA Technologies offers your business the peace of mind of partial and complete managed IT services tailored for your company. We don’t just keep the lights on - we add value and we help better your business with better IT. Our team can help you boost your productivity, streamline your processes, and fix problems fast before they arise. SACA ticks all the boxes.

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