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Our Datacenters

At SACA Technologies, we have built an unbeatable infrastructure based on a network of geographically dispersed datacenters. Every location features multiple redundant internet connections, uninterruptible AC/DC power supplies and back-up emergency generators, just in case. Our datacenters are located all over the country, so in the event of a disruption at one site, your servers will be completely safe and secure at a backup site.

Fully Redundant

Redundancy is the key to stability, reliability and uptime. Every datacenter houses multiple redundant internet connections, uninterruptible AC/DC power supplies and back-up emergency generators, so you’re protected no matter what.

3 Tiers Of Security

Security is much more than just anti-virus projection and encrypted passwords. It means ensuring the physical safety of the infrastructure your systems are hosted on, as much as protecting your data and software. At our datacenters, we employ 3 tiers of security to ensure your systems stay safe as milk.

Biometric Security

Biometric Security

We leverage the latest biometric security technology, including fingerprint readers, palm readers and retina scanners to authenticate identity.

Physical Security

Physical Security

All datacenters have a 24/7 security patrol onsite to ensure the physical safety and integrity of the facilities.

Network Security

Network Security

An experienced network security team monitors our infrastructure 24/7, running our network operations and securing our networks.

Environmental Systems

All of our datacenters feature top of the range HVAC systems, fire suppression mechanisms and smoke/fire detection controls, to ensure the physical safety of all assets. This ensures that your systems are safe and protected on servers that are immune to physical damage.

Coast To Coast Coverage

Our datacenters are distributed across the country, achieving complete geographic redundancy. That means that even in the unlikely event of a disaster at one facility, your systems and data can be recovered from an alternate site elsewhere in the country.

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