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In the web 3.0 era, the cloud is the name of the game. From desktops and mobile apps to email and productivity suites, virtually everything that was once done on the desktop is being done virtually. Our cloudification services help you stay ahead of the curve.

While cloud computing is often thought of as a new development, we have been working with cloud servers and hosting for decades. In the past, we referred to it simply as “web hosting.” In the 20 years since our founding, we have implemented cloud solutions for clients in business as well as the public sector. The terminology may have changed, but the core of our service remains unchanged: bringing your most important IT assets to the web and achieving total flexibility, accessibility and redundancy.

Desktop as a Service

We build Desktop as a Service (DaaS) clouds, enabling your employees to access their desktops from any device and from any location. We’ve built custom DaaS clouds for the US federal government and major US academic organizations, some of them incorporating tens of thousands of users spread across multiple DaaS clouds.

Software as a Service

Application hosting, or Software as a Service (SaaS), is another key focus of ours. We have cloudified thousands of applications over the last two decades and delivered them with consistent levels of performance and reliability, even over high latency or low bandwidth networks.


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    Managed ITCloudificationVirtualizationIT Procurement

    We offer support on a wide range of hardware and software from a large number of vendors.

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    Private Cloud

    Physically isolated and secured cloud environments for a single tenant.

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    Public Cloud

    Virtually isolated and secured cloud environments for multiple tenants.

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    Everything we do is custom as standard. We build custom clouds to specification.

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    We can host any kind of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, just ask us.

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    Hosted desktop infrastructures that are fast, secure, reliable and scalable.

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    Download our Cloudification
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