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Infographic: End of the Road for Windows XP


As we discussed in a recent blog post, businesses with computers that are still running the Windows XP operating system need to upgrade to a newer version of Windows before April 8, 2014. Starting on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end its support for Windows XP–which means that it will stop providing free security updates or customer support for users of this operating system. Businesses that still have computers running Windows XP after the deadline will be much more susceptible to malware and hacking and will have to deal with a rise in IT support costs. To make sure this doesn’t happen, businesses should contact SACA Technologies (a leading Orange County IT Services provider) at or 1-888-603-9030 and upgrade to a newer version of Windows before it’s too late. For more information about the Windows XP deadline and what SACA Technologies can do to help businesses prepare for it, take a look at our infographic on the subject: